Frisky Fox PLUS 20″ QUAD-CUT Self Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower

Self Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower 4-in-1 Mulching, Cutting, Collecting & Side Discharge Powered By 5.5HP 4-Stoke OHV Engine with Fitted Lawn Striper and 55L Grass Collection Bag

  • Wolf Self Propelled Lawn Mower 5.5HP 4-Stoke OHV
  • Cutting Width: 20″ (510mm)
  • QUAD-CUT 4 blade aerodynamic cutting technology gives double the number of cuts per revolution
  • 200mph blades create better suction and grass compaction in the catcher
  • Fully adjustable drive speed control – operate at a walking speed to suit you

The Frisky Fox Plus 20″ QUAD-CUT self-propelled, 4 in 1 mower is a very special mower and is designed for those with a medium to large sized lawn.
It is fitted with the heavier duty Wolf ‘Dynamic’ OHV 4 stroke petrol engine, a newly designed deck and drive system which is specifically designed to meet the requirements of those heavier duty applications.
Being a 4 in 1 mower, it will Cut, Cut and Collect, Side Discharge and MULCH. All Frisky Fox Mowers and are fitted with an ENGINE SPEED CONTROLLER giving you FULL CONTROL OF THE DRIVE SPEED, so you can adjust the mowing speed to a speed to suit you. Whether you want to mow at a brisk pace or want to slow it all down to a gentle ambling speed, the Fisky Fox allows you set it to whatever you want.

However the Frisky Fox QuadCut Mower is fitted with a special 4 blade cutting system to give ‘one pass cutting’ creating a superior quality of cut from the special QuadCut 200MPH cutting blades. Not only does the QuadCut technology give twice as many cuts per revolution than that of a conventional blade mowing system, it cuts those annoying rye grass stalks at the first attempt, and with it’s 4 bladed under-deck aerodynamics, the suction effect on grass clippings from the 4 bladed rotation system and the corresponding grass compaction in the grass catcher is far superior to a traditional mowing system.

Slightly more expensive than the traditional Frisky Fox, and WELL WORTH THE EXTRA.

Technical specification:
• Self Propelled Lawn Mower
• Engine: 5.5HP ‘Dynamic’ 4-Stoke OHV
• Cutting Width: 20″ (510mm)
• Single Lever Height Adjuster
• 55L Grass Collection Bag
• Engine Speed Control
• Fitted Lawn Striper
• QUAD-CUT 4 blade technology
• Weight: 39kg

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