• Instant Hot Water Dispenser/Thermo Pot. Automatically keeps water warm at chosen temperature
  • Three way dispensing (auto, cup and manual) allows for use away from the mains when required
  • Uses only 68O watts to boil so ideal where there is not sufficient power to boil a traditional kettle
  • 5 Litre model – White/silver. Dispenses 38 cups/19 mugs approx
  • Dimensions: (5L) 40 cm H; 23.3 cm W; 30.2 cm D

This instant hot water dispenser keeps the water at your chosen temperature after boiling. Uses only 68O watts to boil. Energy efficient due to outer thermal layer. Auto dispenses and keeps warm at just 2 watts. Reheats at just 100 watts. 3.5L model dispenses 38 cups/19 mugs approx

We bought this model about eighteen months ago and are more than pleased with it, it’s so much cheaper than constantly boiling the kettle and because its always ready to use we can make a nice cup of tea or coffee instantly. During the colder months we have even used it for hot water bottles. The different temperature settings are useful but we mainly keep it to 97 degrees which is ideal for most uses. Cleaning is very easy, if you live in a hard water area like me then once a fortnight seems to do the job. All I do is remove a cup and a half of water and replace with white vinegar, give it a stir (don’t use anything metal) leave overnight, pump out the water, switch off, rinse out and refill to the fill line, switch back on and that’s it, easy! you can use citric acid or vinegar, I have used a combination of both which works well. This unit has an auto clean facility but I find that doing it this way is better and saves power. Quite honestly this is one of the best things we have bought and now my mother in law has one as well!!



  • Instant hot water
  • Digital temp readout
  • Easy to clean
  • Eco friendly
  • A fraction of the cost of running a regular kettle


  • None

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